Take action on efficiency now

Energy efficiency

July 2020: Take action now

Massachusetts residents, call your Reps to support the Energy SAVE Act!

The Energy SAVE Act (H4551, sponsored by Rep. Josh Cutler) needs your support! If passed, it would:

  • Get the worst energy and water wasting appliances off our shelves
  • Save Massachusetts residents, collectively, over $100 million per year on their energy and water bills by 2025
  • Protect our climate with huge, locked-in natural gas and electricity emissions reductions.
  • Learn more with this fact sheet


  1. Find your State Representative’s contact information by using the Find My Legislator tool.
  2. Call your reps. Use our phone script so you’ll know what to say.
  3. Send them an email. Start with this template, but it’s even better if you can personalize the email and explain why energy efficiency is important to you.
  4. Share with a friend or post on social media!

Energy efficiency is the lowest cost energy resource. Help us push for a smarter grid, accessible programs, and conservation.