Vehicle Electrification

We cannot reach our climate goals without electrifying transportation. We push for incentives, infrastructure, affordability, and accessibility to cleaner public & personal transport.

What we're advocating now

  • Cars, trains, and buses: electrify them all!

    • Cars: working to secure adequate funding for consumer incentives. As we know from Drive Green, and as numerous studies back up, consumer incentives are the single biggest driver of EV adoption.

    • Buses: ongoing research on rolling out electric buses in both states; advocacy on RI Transit Master Plan; advocate convening.

    • Trains: Advocacy on RI Transit Master Plan; tracking development of regional rail and Providence/Boston line electrification.

  • Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI)

  • Power Sector Transformation: monitoring/development of Off Peak Charging Pilot, charging station incentives, DCFC electricity discount program

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